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are you looking for a little ?

Never looking no that’s weird

Can we submit pictures to you? ?


Who are you to tell someone they aren’t trans? Every trans person is different. You sound so stupid.

Not even a bit actually. I sound like an educated adult, you sound like a SJW lol

Dude, being transgender whether you’re a woman or a man, is not defined by how much dysphoria you carry. Whether you choose to physically transition, I don’t give a shit if you believe you MUST carry dysphoria-but the case is, that DOES NOT have the power to validate someone’s gender identity. Some are comfortable the way they already are before transition and that is completely okay! Don’t you dare invalidate your brothers and sisters because they may not cringe. Promote self love for god sake.

So again, you have to have dysphoria to be trans lol it does invalidate you if you do not have dysphoria. I didn’t say you couldn’t be comfortable I said you have to have dysphoria. Gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria. You must have it to be trans. There’s a difference between being uncomfortable and being dysphoric. YOU HAVE TO HAVE DYSPHORIA TO BE TRANS

I said “wanting” as in, I can’t openly be trans in my life because my family doesn’t accept it. And why can’t I feel comfortable in the body I have bc I can’t do anything to change it right now? Just bc I feel comfortable in my body now doesn’t mean I still don’t want to start T and have top surgery, etc. but just because I’m not jumping on that as soon as possible doesn’t mean I’m not a trans man. That’s ridiculous

I said you have to have dysphoria. Calm down little person.

I was going to submit pictures of my ass but then I saw the guidelines, “No nude/distasteful entries please. You will be blocked.” & I don’t want to get blocked

Oh? I’ll change that lol submit what you want lovelies.

When you say you identify as queer does that mean you are attracted to all people ?? And if so when did you come out cuz I am so proud of you right now :3

Yes I am and I didn’t come out to the world til after Kele left but I’ve been out for awhile. Thank you so much :3

I am so bored out of my mind at work. I am literally sitting here and I have only had two sales… Kill me T.T

That sounds laaame, where do you work homie?

there is a high possibility that I will be smoking weed for the first time in a few days, I was wondering if you had any tips on how to make it an okay experience?

Only do it with people you have known a while or are super comfortable with. Don’t go in crowded places, stay somewhere quiet.. discreet. Just hang, don’t go all out and overwhelm yourself.

I’m looking for kinda dark ddlg blogs to follow like Kele’s personal or my own. There’s nothing wrong with a lot of pink and glitter, of course, but all I wear is black and Daddy calls me his little vampire.

Ohhhh same!!! It’s so hard to find like non traditional little blogs. Like this if that’s youuu (:


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