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Why did he say then that you had never lived together? :-/

I never said we never did. Stop obsessing Jesus fuck. We do live together, drop the shit how many messages are you gonna send. Gtfo our fight or I’m gonna block every last fucker that brings it up from here on out.


Probably none of our business, but I was just wondering if you 2 were okay? I know speak for lots of people when I say you 2 are favorite💖 sorry if I’m being invasive!! Youve helped me before with past issues & I just wanted to know you guys were ok

We are. Every relationship goes through rough patches and we are healing. Just trying to mend and fix things that can be fixed and find our happy place again. We are okay, do not worry. As long as there is still love- there is still hope.

Do all girls shake when they cum?

No? Are all girls the same in every way?

Do either of you enjoy cooking?

Both, actually. I generally enjoy baking from scratch more though and Daddy does the cooking. 

I’m the anon that messaged about the maintenance guy. It’s just a fantasy nothing is ever act on bc 1 I’m super shy and 2 I wouldn’t do that to someone I’d feel horrible

Don’t worry, we aren’t judging. Feel free to submit anything to our inbox (within reason) that’s what the anon option is there for. Just don’t be mean! Fantasies are normal..

Do you block mean people?


Yeah don’t be a home destroyer anon. He’s married. And probably very in love. How would you feel if someone day dreamed about your husband?

okay. Be nice

There’s this maintenance guy that works at my job and is constantly in our office and he’s married and has a kid on the way but every time I see him I can’t help but imagine having him fuck me over one of the desks after everyone goes home 😩

Can’t help your fantasies… lmao it happens man. As long as you don’t actually act on it.

I want my boss to give me candy lol

hehehhe ?

You should listen to Spoiled by Wale:)

Otay, can do.


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