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haha hell yeah I have fam in Florida so if I ever visit ill definitely hit u guys up ???

We’ll be here ?

Come to LA!!!!!

Send plane tickets!!! lmao

I’m in Illinois but you guys would of loved my tight pussy. Damnit

omfg haahahha this is so great

im so jealous abt your new toy bc I don’t fit any of the requirements😪😪, transboy across the country from Florida. The only thing I can say is smoking is a hell yeah !! 😂😂

damn son it’s okay though, we can still be friends 4ever ?

Literally cries because I’m in Colorado and you all live so far away. Best of luck for your kitten toy, though!(: All the love H x

Nooo ? you can just move here ok? ok

Omg forever one saying how rude they are suck it up they didn’t ask you to follow them there going to do them and they are great hop of there ass and pull the dildo out yours ya? Be grown up about it it’s annoying for everyone when they answer questions that have already been answer just spend sometime to look thanksss.. And daddycallsmekitten you guys are great keep doin you 😘

?? so we truly aren’t the only ones who notice how whiny these babies are? Thank youuuu ??

You dont give a flying fuck about followers until you want donations or something yeah? I have 0 problems with donating or anything like that but you can’t deny the rudeness. If messages are such a hassel turn them off 💕

I never once denied the rudeness- I said I don’t give a single fuck. Our blog, we do what we want. We respond how we see fit- not how you see fit. Don’t like it? Don’t message us sweetheart ?

would you reblogging the video with the cereal all over the floor? I scrolled for a bit but couldn’t find and its my favorite

Yes!! Of course, it’s one of my faves too haha

That’s Tbt picture is so cute ❤️ :)

Thank youuuu (:

I announced at school I want my pronouns to be he/him and I got totally attacked it was so horrible. This boy was talking shit about me and got a black eye bc of it (I wasn’t the one who punched him) but Anyways now everyone at school is saying I can’t handle other people’s opinions when I was just asking for basic respect. What should I do ?

You gotta let it roll off your shoulders or tell an authority figure. You did wht you should have and asked for a basic human right and you shouldn’t be attacked for it but in our society kids are fucking assholes. You have three choices; tell some teacher at the school, fight every kid who says something or let it slide. I’m sorry.



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