Thank you, wasn’t expecting that as many times I’ve come across people flat out impersonating me and stealing my content. I don’t mind when others repost my photos as long as I’m credited because it’s my creation, my time went into it and it’s my photos. I hope you can understand why I’d be frustrating to me when I see others steal something so easily that isn’t there’s. I have the original photo in my account you are welcome to reblog it just please don’t source yourself as the creator.

I appreciate your hurt feelings and anger in finding somebody had posted your photo. I do specifically state that I am not the creator of any photos on my blog, but I realize that’s a thin excuse when you find pictures of yourself on someone else’s blog. I honestly thought it was commercial/promotional content when I found it on Reddit, and did search for the image on google image search before posting. Anyway, take it easy, sorry for the trouble.


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