Tell a funny story about princess please

this is months old but I just thought of something for it so I drove kitten out to her favorite beach really late at night, like one or so. There was nobody there and I was just going to fuck her so raw and dirty and ugh so anyways we walk down a bit to a picnic table in the dark. We fooled around a bit then got down to the dirty business, bending her little ass right over the table. So after a bit we hear drunk people coming from the woods across the street and low and behold they’re coming right for us. So I just sat her down on my lap, dick still in her and hard and sp these fucking people come right up to us and sit down offering us a joint and some wine, they were really drunk so we said sure hoping they’d leave quicker that way and ended up we fucking met them like a year ago behind a bar drinking and smoking joints so we get talking and kitten decides it’s time to go. Mind you she’s still on top of me. She says not one word and just fucking stands up. There’s like 3 people sitting right next to me, the paddle has fallen on the ground and fuck. So anyways SHE STANDS UP AND JUST STARTED LEAVING. And just left me I gotta do something so I take off running with dick sliggng, trying to shove it in my jeans as I’m running with my paddle in hand and it was god awful. She just thought it was the funniest thing.


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